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Stuart Turner Replacement

The Stuart Turner petrol engine was the mainstay of the inland waterways fleet for over thirty years, and many craft still have these motors fitted. However they have now become increasingly unreliable, unsafe, and difficult to repair and maintain.

Your day out on the river becomes completely unpredictable and stressful, with anxiety and frustration amongst crew and passengers. Your boat fails the Boat Safety Scheme, requiring costly modifications.

The modern solution is the TELCO Stuart Turner Replacement package. This comprises electric motor, throttle, instruments, batteries and charger. The motor fits directly onto the existing engine beds of the petrol engine, and couples to the existing shaft. If the propeller and shaft are in good condition, they can be retained, reducing the overall cost of the conversion.

The batteries will often fit under the side-seats or centre thwart, and will give 6-8 hours cruising, depending on speed and the size of the boat.