Patrol boats


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Selectric is a unique power system designed by the Thames Electric Launch Company. It combines the smooth, silent power of an electric motor for normal cruising, with the extra power of a diesel engine for emergencies, longer range, and greater speed.

Selectric can either be fitted from new, or retro-fitted to existing craft. It retains the existing shaft and propeller, and can be switched in or out at the turn of a key.

The system is ideal for river patrol boats, which can cruise all day at normal speeds under silent electric power, but need the reserve power of the diesel for emergencies or towing, or for extended patrols, or winter use in times of flood and high currents.

Selectric is also ideal for narrowboats, which spend much of their time at 3mph, when the silence of the electric system is perfect, but which need the extra power of a diesel engine for emergencies, or higher speeds on rivers, or to get to distant charging points.