Catspaw II
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Canal boats are particularly suited to electric power, as they normally only travel at 3mph, and have the space and carrying capacity for the batteries. However, a steel narrowboat will be heavy, and require extra power for stopping and manoeuvring. It will also require extra power for windy days, or when travelling on the river. Also, at the moment the number of electric points where you can recharge the batteries is limited.

For these reasons, particular care must be used when specifying electric packages for narrowboats. To achieve the reserve power for stopping and manoeuvring, TELCO use the Lynch motor, which has a high power-to-weight ratio. To achieve the extra power for prolonged river use, you must either specify a larger motor, or fit our Selectric system. This is a combined diesel-electric package, that retains the existing diesel engine and propeller shaft, adding an electric motor for silent cruising.

The second benefit of Selectric is that it allows you to travel under diesel power if you need to reach a distant charging point. Selectric can be fitted from new, or added to existing boats.

The alternative for extending range is to fit an onboard diesel generator, which we can also quote for.