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Lynch Motor
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Lynch Motor

Fifteen years ago, Cedric Lynch revolutionised the electric motor world with his new concept in electric power. His motor was light, powerful, and above all efficient. Power efficiencies of 90% and more enabled him to repeatedly win all the endurance records for cars and bikes, until eventually organisers banned him from their events.

Turning his sights to the marine world, in 1989 he fitted four of his tiny motors to a hydroplane that was then driven by the redoubtable Fiona, Countess of Arran to a new world electric boat record of 51mph.

We were a small part of the team that achieved that record, and immediately recognised the value of his motors, and have worked with Cedric ever since to develop them for boats. They form the heart of our Selectric system, with their size and weight allowing them to be fitted above the propeller shaft, and their high power outputs giving the thrust required to stop patrol boats and narrowboats.

In classic launches their tiny size allows them to be fitted in such a way as to allow maximum use of the space on board.

Wherever appropriate, we will use them for the most efficient and light power requirements.