Chloride Batteries

Batteries, Chargers and Accessories

Using the correct battery and charger is vital for the reliable performance of your electric installation.

Correctly specified and maintained, they will give many years of service, with the traction cells giving 8 years or more. However, if you use the wrong units, you will get only one or two years life - a costly mistake.

At the Thames Electric Launch Company we can advise on the best units for your purpose. We use only the best products from leading manufacturers, which allows us to give the best warranty protection.

The cheapest batteries we sell are leisure units suitable for small electric outboards, and these have a one-year guarantee. However we strongly recommend you go up in quality, to Elecsol carbon-fibre units with four-year guarantees for small electric outboards.

For inboard installations we recommend traction batteries.

Gel batteries give even longer life, and do not need topping up with water through their entire life.

Nearly all our chargers are automatic units, meaning they switch off when the batteries have reached full charge. This prevents damage to your investment.